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VVS19 Breakout Sessions

2019 Breakout Sessions One and Two

As of 9-30-19


Speakers: Wesley Wildmon, Vice President of Outreach, AFA*
Synopsis: The evidence shows overwhelmingly that stripping away gun rights leads to an increase in violent crimes. The evidence also shows that socialism leads to an increase in preventable harm to people under its rule, like starvation and decline in healthcare. It's ironic because many millennials are very pro-life and value life at all phases. We know guns save far more lives than are taken, and socialism leads to harming the people under its rule. Together we will look at how we can engage the millennials on the issues of socialism and gun rights using our common ground on pro-life.


Speakers: Ken Blackwell, Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance, Family Research Council*; Brent Keilen, Vice President, FRC Action*; Connor Semelsberger, Legislative Assistant, Family Research Council*; Carrie Severino, Chief Counsel and Policy Director, JCN; Best-Selling Co-Author, Justice on Trial*
Synopsis: From the Green New Deal to infanticide, from calls for outright Socialism to judges who will uphold the Constitution, the political conversation has taken sharp new turns in 2019. The Democrats now controlling the House of Representatives and the numerous Democratic presidential candidates are vocalizing their new ideas for America’s future. On the other side, President Trump continues to hold the line on a number of important conservative policies and the Republican Senate continues to confirm judges that respect the Constitution – one of the decisive issues in the 2016 election. The battle of ideas is playing out in the brightest of colors in the state legislatures as well. What will the key issues be in the 2020 election? How can conservatives create winning messages to impact the elections – from the presidential race all the way down to state level races? Join us to learn more.
This panel and discussion are sponsored by FRC Action.


Speakers: Richard Harris, General Counsel, Andrew Wommack Ministries, Executive Director, Truth and Liberty Coalition*
Synopsis: It was unthinkable just a few years ago that Christians could be persecuted by the government in the United States of America for observing orthodox elements of their religion. Yet, this is exactly what is beginning to happen in this, the “land of the free.” Florists, photographers and bakers are being fined for refusing to facilitate in homosexual weddings. Preachers are arrested for proclaiming the gospel in Muslim neighborhoods. States and cities are banning travel to other jurisdictions inside the USA because of laws -- rooted in the Judeo-Christian view of human life -- that protect the unborn. This modern-day fight for freedom of conscience is only just beginning. It has begun to lay bare the irreconcilable conflict between the Judeo-Christian worldview and the post-modern dogma of moral relativism. In this breakout session, Richard Harris will address historical, spiritual and cultural dynamics and consequences of this only nascent battle, as well as the critical imperative for lovers of truth to articulate the defense of the First of our Freedoms.


Speakers: Edward Graham, Son of Franklin Graham, Former Army Major, Now Serving with Leadership at Samaritan’s Purse*; Todd Chasteen, Vice President for Public Policy and General Counsel, Samaritan's Purse*; Luther Harrison, Vice President for North American Ministries, Samaritan's Purse*; Ken Isaacs, Vice President for Programs and Government Relations, Samaritan's Purse*; and Randy Riddle, Senior Director for Operation Christmas Child, Samaritan's Purse*
Synopsis: As American society continues to endure an unprecedented assault on Biblical values, Christians must stand firm on the unchanging Truth of God’s Word and be active in the public square. This includes supporting Christians who are persecuted for making principled stands on “controversial” issues such as gay marriage and abortion and strengthening local churches to be beacons of hope in their communities. The international relief and evangelism organization Samaritan’s Purse is working throughout the United States and around the world to advance the cause of the Gospel, support Christians who have been persecuted for their faith, and bring desperately needed relief to victims of disaster and those living in the midst of war, disease, and extreme poverty. As Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham says, “We don’t run away from the fire; we run into it.” Learn more about how the organization is engaging in the fight for Biblical values by partnering with local believers and churches in the United States and worldwide in Jesus’ Name.


Speakers: Victor Styrsky, National Outreach Director and Eastern Regional Coordinator, Christians United for Israel; Author, Honest to God—The 10 Questions Jews Ask Christian Zionists, and Jews, Gentiles and the Mystery of Redemption*
Synopsis: Fifty-seven nations are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Eighteen nations recognize some denomination of Christianity as their official state religion. But there is only one "Jewish" state in the entire world. Israel is an important ally of the United States in a strategically important part of the world. Christians should support Israel because God is clear that He will bless those who bless Israel. Moreover, attempts by Islamic supremacists and Palestinian apologists to deny the historic Jewish connection to the land of Israel are also denying Christianity because without Judaism, there would be no Christianity.


Speakers: Hannah Fritz, Former White House Associate, Now Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labor* (all thoughts are hers alone and do not reflect or speak on behalf of the DOL or the Trump Administration); Daniel Heffington (Moderator), Communications Director, Generation Joshua*; Andrew Mullins, Senior Ads Strategist, Direct Persuasion*; Jenna Ellis Rives, Centennial Institute Fellow, Constitutional Law Attorney, Contributor for the Washington Examiner, The Federalist, Daily Wire, Author*
Synopsis: GenJ staff will host a discussion on how to become a leading voice in the conservative movement and on the types of tone and approach that are lacking in today’s conversation. Are we content with “DESTROYING leftist students” or “OWNING the libs” for views and followers, or are we truly committed to building bridges, paving the way, and winning hearts and minds to principles of truth, freedom, and justice for all? With the help of notable guests and leading voices in the young conservative movement, attendees will be inspired to use their voices and build a platform, while simultaneously being challenged to contribute to the national dialogue in a way that doesn’t simply equal “preaching to the choir” or burning their adversaries in effigy.


Speakers: Lydia Gutierrez, NEA Insider*; Maria Keffler, Arlington Parents Coalition*; Nicole Neily, Speech First Foundation; Former Executive Director, Independent Women's Forum*; Sarah Perry (Moderator), FRC Director of Partnerships and Coalitions, Substitute Host: "Washington Watch”*; Cathy Ruse, FRC Senior Fellow for Legal Studies and Director of Human Dignity*
Synopsis: Join experts in law, policy, and parental activism for a critical round-table discussion on issues impacting modern education. Topics include: (1) free speech and censorship in higher education, (2) sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) initiatives and their impact on curriculum and school administration, and (3) parental rights, coalition building, and strategies for push back.


Speakers: Jenny Beth Martin, Honorary Chairman, Tea Party Patriots Action*; Carrie Severino, Chief Counsel and Policy Director, Judicial Crisis Network*
Synopsis: Conservatives - and anyone else who believes judges should have the freedom to be fair and independent - face a growing, formidable reality in the aftermath of the brutal confirmation for Brett Kavanaugh: the left has launched an unprecedented, well-funded attack on the judiciary. From the ongoing media campaign to demonize Justice Kavanaugh to public threats issued to the Supreme Court by Democratic Senators, to court-packing proposals floated by 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, we have never seen anything like this before. The message to judges is as unmistakable as it is menacing: either rule according to the liberal policy agenda or face personal destruction. Even though the recent rollout of an anti-Kavanaugh book authored by two New York Times reporters fell on its face, this attack won't let up. How should conservatives fight this new front, through 2020 and beyond.