2018 Values Voter Summit

$129 Registration ($149 On-site Registration) | $50 Students (Scholarships Available)

VVS18 Speakers

Invited Speakers Include

Gov. Greg Abbott


George Barna

Executive Director of American Culture & Faith Institute

Gary Bauer

President, American Values

David & Jason Benham

Best-selling authors and entrepreneurs

Dr. Bill Bennett

Author and Radio Host

Gov. Matt Bevin


Shannon Bream

Host, Fox News@Night, Fox News

Tucker Carlson

Host, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News Channel; Co-Founder, The Daily Caller

Dr. Ben Carson

Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Sara Carter

Contributor, Fox News

Rob Chambers

National Field Director, AFA Action

Kellyanne Conway

Counselor to the President

David Daleiden

Citizen Journalist and Project Lead, Center for Medical Progress

Diamond and Silk


Roma Downey and Mark Burnett

President, Lightworkers Media

Brigitte Gabriel

Founder, ACT! for America

Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Author and Advisor

Gov. Nikki Haley

Ambassador to the United Nations

Sean Hannity

Host, The Sean Hannity Show

Laura Ingraham

Best-selling Author and Syndicated Host

Rep. Jim Jordan


Sen. James Lankford


Mark Levin

Best-selling Author and Syndicated Host

Dana Loesch

Best-selling Author and Host of the Nationally-syndicated Radio Program, “The Dana Show”

Michelle Malkin

Author and Political Commentator

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell


Rep. Mark Meadows



Robert Netzly

Founder and CEO, Inspire Investing

Lt. Col. Oliver North

Syndicated Columnist

Tony Perkins

President, Family Research Council and FRC Action

Vice President Mike Pence


Dr. Everett Piper

President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Mike Pompeo

Secretary, U.S. Department of State

Dennis Prager

Host, PragerTV.com

Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty

Rev. Howard Russell

President and CEO, Christian Healthcare Ministries

Speaker Paul Ryan


Sarah Huckabee Sanders

White House Press Secretary

Rep. Steve Scalise


President Donald Trump


Lance Wallnau

Best Selling Author

Lt. Col. Allen West

Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, National Center for Policy Analysis