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Senate Rewrite for the Byrds
The Senate health care debate already had more plot twists than a Hollywood blockbuster. But on Friday, the real-life drama (read more)
Texas Tries to End P.C. in the W.C.
There may be 20 issues on Governor Greg Abbott's (R-Texas) special session agenda, but one may be getting more attention (read more)
SCOTUS's Ginsburg Wants to Subtract Division
Heading into last November's election, the Supreme Court was a major priority for most voters. And given the state of our (read more)

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The Obama Effect: How The Democrats Lost Over 1,000 Seats In Eight Years
In 2008, Barack Obama won the presidency in blowout fashion over Republican candidate John McCain. President Obama won the election by roughly 9.5 million votes, and won the electoral college by 192 votes. In addition to controlling the White House, the Democratic Party
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